Go Wild with Mr. Tiger!

By Sarah S. RSS Fri, June 13, 2014

Do you ever feel confined by society's expectations of proper behavior? Do you ever want to just let loose and go a little... wild? Well, today's children's book review  by Lynne Haase, Children's Librarian at the Chestnut Hill Branch Library should satisfy your wildest desires. And by the way, maybe you can stop by Ms. Lynne's Preschool Story Time next Thursday morning at 10:30 and look for Mr. Tiger in the library!

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger lives in a Victorianesque city, a very proper place.  Mr. Tiger wants to loosen up, have some fun, go a little wild.  He begins to unwind, first by walking on all fours, then chasing the other animals, and finally bellowing a loud “ROAR” on a park bench.  When Mr. Tiger leaps into the city fountain, emerging completely naked on the other side, his friends have had enough!  Encouraged by all of his proper friends, Mr. Tiger escapes to the wilderness but soon begins to feel homesick. What is an uninhibited tiger to do?  Did he go too wild?  He just wants to feel free to be himself!  Enjoy the  watercolor and ink muted illustrations with only Mr. Tiger colored brightly orange.

-Reviewed by Lynne Haase, Children’s Librarian at Chestnut Hill Branch Library


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