Castner Scrapbook v.3, Events 2, page 30

Historical Images of Philadelphia Castner Scrapbook Collection
Castner Scrapbook v.3, Events 2, page 30

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Item No: pdcc01915
Title: Castner Scrapbook v.3, Events 2, page 30
Media Type: Scrapbooks
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Item pdcc00165, top [image dimensions 23.5 cm x 19.0 cm]:

Illustration shows a woman ascending in a balloon waving two American flags. The engraving identifies her only as Mademoiselle Delon. A well-dressed crowd is enjoying the spectacle as the balloon lifts off from a fenced yard.


Item pdcc00166, bottom [image dimensions 7.2 cm x 8.5 cm]:

An old Black woman sits at a market stall crying out "Peppery-pot, all hot!" Pepper Pot was a thick soup made up of beef tripe and vegetables, spiced with pepper and other seasonings. It was commonly sold for a few pennies by mainly black female street vendors.

Illustration from A Century After, Edward Strahan, ed. Phila.: Allan, Lane, Scott & Lauderbach 1875.

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Call Number: A917.481 P536 v.3
Creator Name: Castner, Samuel, Jr., 1843-1929 - Compiler
Worcester & Pierce - Engraver