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The news of Steve Jobs’s resignation from Apple, the innovative computer company he co-founded over 30 years ago, was announced yesterday to a saddened, but maybe not surprised, Silicon… continue reading Steve Jobs and the Free Library

By written by Eileen O.    August 25, 2011   

Dancer, actor, singer, choreographer, director. Gene Kelly (1912–1996) added each of these impressive “job titles” to his résumé during his time in Hollywood, and… continue reading Celebrating the Great Gene Kelly

By written by Alix G.    August 24, 2011   

Since I can remember, I’ve always been a little behind the curve on the latest pop culture trends (for example, when I was little, my favorite pop singer was Mike Nesmith of The Monkees.… continue reading Playing Summer Catch Up

By written by Eileen O.    August 23, 2011   

I feel like the weather has been on everyone's minds lately, from the insufferable heat wave of a few weeks ago to the now seemingly daily deluges of rain. (Not to mention recent news about how… continue reading Inspired by the Weather

By written by Michelle S.    August 22, 2011   

With the all the rain we’ve been getting this week in Philadelphia, it’s a wonder I’ve made it out of my house at all. On rainy days, many people hunker down on a comfy couch… continue reading How to Avoid Rainy Day Blues

By written by Eileen O.    August 18, 2011    2

I was curled up on the couch last weekend when a preview for one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films flashed across the screen. Strangers on a Train , starring Farley Granger and Robert Walker,… continue reading Flicks from the Master of Suspense

By written by Alix G.    August 17, 2011   

With the opening of the newly refurbished Shakespeare Park   directly across the street from Parkway Central, it seems fitting to highlight the Library's holdings related to the man… continue reading The First Folios

By written by Janine P.    August 11, 2011   

Carolyn Haywood once described herself as “grand student of Howard Pyle.” Haywood was heavily influenced by several of Pyle’s students: Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935),… continue reading Like a Red, Red Rose

By written by Administrator    August 10, 2011    2

Parkway Central Library has a new “front yard!” With generous support from the Department of Community and Economic Development of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Free Library… continue reading Parkway Central’s Shakespeare Park Now Open after Extensive Renovation

By written by Michelle S.    August 9, 2011    3

Free Library of Philadelphia Board of Trustees member and New York Times bestselling author Leslie Esdaile Banks has passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. Leslie wrote more than 50… continue reading In Memoriam: Leslie Esdaile Banks

By written by Michelle S.    August 2, 2011    1

Finding inexpensive family entertainment in Center City is difficult. Philadelphia has wonderful museums, theaters, and music venues, but even programs priced for families can add up. As part of… continue reading Free Summer Fun for the Family at Parkway Central Library

By written by Michelle S.    August 2, 2011   

Following up on our recent post about some of the Library’s coolest online resources, we’re excited to announce that the Free Library has won the OverDrive Digital Pioneer Award! The… continue reading Free Library Receives Digital Pioneer Award

By written by Michelle S.    August 1, 2011    4

All federal benefit payments to you such as Social Security, SSI, SSDI, and Veteran’s Benefits will be made electronically starting in March 2013. The U.S. Department of the Treasury will… continue reading Federal Benefits: How you receive them will change in March 2013

By written by Michelle S.    July 29, 2011    1

If you’re a movie lover, then you might be familiar with the video distribution company The Criterion Collection . This company is known for re-releasing classic and foreign films, as well… continue reading The Criterion Collection and Subtitles Aren't that Bad

By written by Camille T.    July 28, 2011   

The Free Library is proud to offer an extensive and continuously growing array of digital resources for the casual curiosity seeker to the serious scholar. From ebooks to language lessons to free… continue reading Digital Resources and Materials Available at the Free Library of the 21st Century

By written by Michelle S.    July 26, 2011    9

I first heard about mattter/antimatter from Star Trek when I was a kid, which--to be honest--sparked a lot of my fascination with science and technology. In Star Trek , they use matter/antimatter… continue reading A Science Minute: Matter/Antimatter

By written by Camille T.    July 21, 2011   

I'm a huge fan of young adult literature. Several of my favorite young adult authors maintain some excellent and entertaining blogs that discuss everything from classic novels to the world of… continue reading Keeping Up with Favorite YA Authors

By written by Michelle S.    July 20, 2011    2

It's summertime, that means many Philadelphia families are taking trips to the “shore” - yup, the Jersey Shore. You might not see Snooki, The Situation, or Pauly D, but odds are if… continue reading A History Minute: The Bikini

By written by Camille T.    July 19, 2011    1

Overdrive Media, the company that supports many of the downloadable eBooks and audiobooks available through the Free Library of Philadelphia does an awfully good job ensuring that their service is… continue reading A Digital Romance: Is Your Device Compatible with Overdrive?

By written by Jamie W.    July 14, 2011    2

Today is Bastille Day--the French national holiday--and I'm in a Francophile kind of mood, right down to the croissant from Parkway Central Library's H.O.M.E.Page Café that I had for… continue reading Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!

By written by Michelle S.    July 14, 2011    3

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