You may have heard about the 2010 World Expo that opened in Shanghai in May. Did you know that there was a world expo in Philadelphia in 1876? That exposition celebrated the centennial of the… continue reading

By Karen L.   June 18, 2010    6

Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago passed away today at the age of 87. The first Portuguese-language writer to win the Nobel Prize, Saramago reached international acclaim with… continue reading

By Shannon G   June 18, 2010    1

I am an iPhone user and recently decided that I had to invest in an iPad as well.  For two weeks I have been exploring everything about my new gadget and have a few tips for Library lovers… continue reading

By Jen W.   June 18, 2010    21

  We love hearing about the many ways the Free Library has impacted individuals across our city and about how much they value our treasured institution. Recently, we were delighted to read an… continue reading

By Alix G.   June 17, 2010    7

Aspiring writers and avid readers, take note! Next Tuesday, Oak Lane Branch is hosting an evening with the Liars Club , a group of local authors. Don’t miss your chance to learn about the… continue reading

By Shannon G   June 17, 2010    4

It’s the summer time and I’m sure you’re eager to pull the grill out of the garage or lug it from the basement, but you know what goes best with a barbeque (besides being with… continue reading

By Camille T.   June 11, 2010    12

Have you had the chance to be a part of the discussion about the Free Library of the 21st Century this spring? If not, be sure to make it the June 9th event at the Martin Luther King, Jr. High… continue reading

By Shannon G   June 4, 2010    4

As you may have noticed, we recently revamped our homepage . Today, our beta-testing period has come to an end, and the homepage is now permanent! We appreciate all of the feedback you’ve… continue reading

By Shannon G   June 3, 2010   

The popular HBO television series True Blood based on The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris has developed a huge fan base. Season 3 of the series will begin airing June 13, but while we… continue reading

By Camille T.   May 27, 2010    6

We encourage all of the Free Library of Philadelphia customers and supporters to contact your elected city official and ask that they go back to the table and continue to work to resolve the… continue reading

By Shannon G   May 21, 2010   

Local businesses are stepping up for the second year in a row and helping the Free Library line its shelves with 10,000 new books during the “ 10,000 Books for Children ” book drive!… continue reading

By Shannon G   May 17, 2010    3

Want to know what your neighborhood looked like in the late 1800s? Now you can! The Free Library of Philadelphia recently added more than 1,600 historic photographs from the Historical Images of… continue reading

By Shannon G   May 13, 2010    1

This spring, we’re partnering with Mayor Nutter and the Friends of the Free Library to host a series of public forums on “Libraries of the Future.” These forums, which are being… continue reading

By Shannon G   May 3, 2010   

The Regional Foundation Cente r of the Free Library of Philadelphia is celebrating our 36th year of informing the nonprofit community.  If you are a new or emerging nonprofit organization,… continue reading

By Jenn D.   April 28, 2010    2

By day, they are bestselling authors. By night, they turn into jamming rockstars. Each year, the Rock Bottom Remainders put down their pens and pick up their instruments to play a tour of benefit… continue reading

By Shannon G   April 20, 2010    5

The Regional Foundation Center (RFC) of the Free Library of Philadelphia is celebrating our 36th year of informing the nonprofit community.  Please join us for our 6th annual Nonprofit… continue reading

By Jenn D.   April 15, 2010    2

Court cases can sum up the events and movements swirling through a given period of history. They can distill important issues, as well as demonstrate the origins of legal rights we take for… continue reading

By Joe S.   April 7, 2010    1

On the first Saturday of the month, Jack Moore and I host Discoveries from the Fleisher Collection on WRTI 90.1 FM in Philadelphia and on the all-classical webstream at . We also… continue reading

By Kile S.   March 31, 2010   

MYTH: I can’t afford to go to college. FACT: College can be an affordable option. With the rising price tags on colleges and universities, it’s easy to believe that higher education is… continue reading

By Theresa R.   March 22, 2010    11

Last year, a pair of red-tailed hawks made a nest on a window ledge at the Franklin Institute, just across from the Parkway Central Library in Logan Circle. With the help of a webcam,… continue reading

By Carolyn P.   March 22, 2010    3

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