This post-9/11 era isn't the only time in U.S. history when our nation has been preoccupied with thoughts of potential disasters. Check out the Free Library's new Explore topic on Emergency… continue reading

By Administrator   June 6, 2007   

Been meaning to get around to reading the classics, but never seem to find the time? Problem solved . Now you can read the Aeneid in 152 easy installments through an RSS feed on your aggregator .… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 5, 2007   

OK, maybe not every award ever , but he's won quite a few awards of the literary variety, including the National Book Award (twice), the PEN/Faulkner Award, the Pulitzer Prize, and the National… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 4, 2007   

  Stanley Kunitz was born in Massachusetts in 1905. He attended Harvard University, eventually serving during World War II when his conscientious objector status was denied. After returning… continue reading

By Administrator   June 1, 2007   

Sherman Alexie--celebrated Native American author, poet , and screenwriter--is touring in support of his first novel in 10 years, Flight , "a hilarious and tragic portrait of an orphaned Indian… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 1, 2007   

Best-known as the producer of films about bands like Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie, Gary Hustwit has taken on the role of director with his latest project, a feature documentary about a font.… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 31, 2007   

Senator John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, have written a book together-- This Moment on Earth: Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future --and they will be here at… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 30, 2007   

Unable to find organizations that would accept donations of used books, frustrated bookstore owner Tom Wayne of Kansas City, Missouri decided to burn some of his overstock this past Sunday in… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 29, 2007   

If you want to spend some outdoor-oriented indoor time with an award-winning garden writer this weekend, stop by the Central Library's Montgomery Auditorium tomorrow, May 26 , at 2:00 p.m. Author… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 25, 2007    2

W.B. Yeat's "The Second Coming" was featured prominently in this past Sunday's episode of The Sopranos . Because it is so rare for a poem to appear on pop culture's radar, we… continue reading

By Administrator   May 24, 2007    1

Ever wonder what celebrated authors like Joyce Carol Oates, Rick Moody, Jennifer Egan, and Francine Prose read when they're lounging in the sun? Satisfy your curiosity here . continue reading

By Communications Office   May 23, 2007   

Shrinking book review sections in print publications around the country have caught the attention of the National Book Critics Circle , and they are not pleased . They've mounted a " Campaign to… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 22, 2007   

With The Kite Runner still charting on the New York Times paperback fiction bestseller list--its run currently extends more than one hundred weeks--Khaled Hosseini is back with his second novel, A… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 21, 2007   

Charles Simic was born in Yugoslavia in 1938 and emigrated with his family to the United States in 1958. He published his first poems in 1959, at the age of 21. In 1961 he was drafted into the… continue reading

By Administrator   May 18, 2007   

The Philadelphia Tribune published an article today on the Youth Empowerment Summit hosted here at the Central Library on Wednesday. The theme of this year's summit was "Stand Up for Philly."… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 18, 2007   

Starting this past weekend and running through September 30 of this year, the King Tut exhibition at the Franklin Institute Science Museum is sponsoring a "Geocaching Trail and Scavenger Hunt of… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 17, 2007    1

Been meaning to read a Don DeLillo novel but don't know where to start? New York Magazine just published a handy, quick-reference critical guide to DeLillo's oeuvre. His latest novel, Falling Man,… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 16, 2007   

OK, so maybe they're not evil , but if I were a human employee at Chicago State University's new high-tech library, I wouldn't turn my back on these eerily efficient robotic cranes . Comments:… continue reading

By Communications Office   May 15, 2007   

A special section ran yesterday in the New York Times covering the latest in children's books . continue reading

By Emily   May 14, 2007   

Jorie Graham is one of the most important contemporary poets writing today. Her youth was spent trotting the globe with her journalist father and sculptor mother. She has penned many books of… continue reading

By Administrator   May 10, 2007   

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