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This summer, the Free Library of Philadelphia is excited to celebrate The Summer of Lauren Castillo! Okay, technically, it’s The Summer of Wonder—our annual Summer Reading program for… continue reading The Summer of Lauren Castillo

By written by Chris B.    June 8, 2016    3

My dad was a radio DJ when I was a kid and thereby instilled in me a fierce love of music. As far back as my days of wearing footie pajamas I preferred partaking of his vast vinyl collection to… continue reading Yes, I Do Know How to Find Great New Music

By written by Kim B.    March 11, 2016   

Information and books and podcasts and programming and computers and Wi-Fi and a great place to hang out: All of this and more make up the Free Library of Philadelphia. But what does the Library… continue reading 7 Days of Genius Festival: Find Your Path to Genius at the Free Library

By written by Autumn M.    March 3, 2016   

It's been a few days, but it's still hard to process that David Bowie has left us . Newspapers, television news broadcasts, the internet as a whole—and more than likely—your… continue reading David Bowie Has Left Us

By written by Peter SM    January 14, 2016   

It's that time again: We reflect on the past year and think about what we want to do for the next year. For most of us, our resolutions have to do with health: getting fit and eating… continue reading Resolve to be healthy in 2016—the Free Library can help!

By written by Samantha M.    January 4, 2016   

Now that the gifts have been opened, (most of) the egg nog has been drank, and we've traveled back home from visits with friends and family, it's time to ring in 2016! We are pretty… continue reading New Year's Resolutions from the Free Library Staff

By written by Kate C.    December 30, 2015    1

I've written before about some of my favorite Young Adult titles this year, but I'm not the only librarian who loves reading YA. In October, three of our librarians—Erin H. from… continue reading Our 50 Favorite YA Books of 2015

By written by Rachel F.    December 29, 2015    2

As we count down to the premiere of the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, the Free Library has you covered no matter what age you are! Need to catch up?   We have Star Wars: A New Hope ,… continue reading In a Library (Not So) Far, Far Away… Star Wars: The Force Awakens Countdown Has Begun!

By written by Rachel F.    December 11, 2015   

As the holiday season is upon us, I have started looking forward to one of my favorite holiday rituals: revisiting Little Women . This may not be on most people’s lists of traditional… continue reading Little Women: A Holiday Tradition

By written by Ann P.    December 4, 2015   

When new acquaintances find out I’m a librarian, our conversations generally go in one of two directions—either people apologize for not reading enough OR they quiz me about the latest… continue reading #FLPNoShameNovember: YA? Why Not!

By written by Rachel F.    November 17, 2015    4

It was recently announced that Philip Pullman’s award winning trilogy His Dark Materials would be adapted for film again, but this time for the small screen. It will be given a… continue reading Engage the Whole Family with the His Dark Materials Trilogy

By written by Elizabeth K.    November 9, 2015   

Since their inception, comics have been considered “low culture.” Comics have their roots in political cartoons, which were targeted toward those who could not read the newspaper. They… continue reading A comic #FLPNoShameNovember

By written by Jordan H.    November 3, 2015   

I typically consider myself a “high-brow” reader and viewer. I often read classic literature, watch documentaries, and dig into long-form journalism on current social issues. Heck, I… continue reading #FLPNoShameNovember: The Tudors, Too Good

By written by Julie B.    November 2, 2015    1

October 25 marked St. Crispin’s Day , a once-observed feast day, which is also claimed to be the day of the famed Battle of Agincourt—the great battle of Englishmen led by King Henry V… continue reading Joining the “Happy Few”: A Mind Marathon of Shakespeare’s Complete Works

By written by Julie B.    October 30, 2015   

Howl-lo F(r)iends, Welcome back once again to the Free Library of Frightadelphia's bloodcurdling blog! It would seem that you have survived previous playlists and have come back for more… continue reading Read (and Listen) Between The Lines: A Halloween Playlist from Free Library's Spotify Channel

By written by Peter SM    October 30, 2015    1

It's been a while since we've had a Friday Five post, so what better way to jump back into some pop culture goodness than with the theatrical release this weekend of the big screen… continue reading Friday Five: Spy TV

By written by Peter SM    August 14, 2015   

This is really weird, but the Music Department got a call from Nicola Sturgeon , First Minister of Scotland, to come look through a mysterious box found in a dormitory room in the Hogwarts School… continue reading Harry Potter's Top of the Pops 1980 - 1999

By written by Adam F.    July 31, 2015   

A small group of parents in Florida are threatening to ban a children’s book close to our hearts. The book in question? The Librarian of Basra by Jeanette Winter. This librarian remembers… continue reading Borrow a Banned Book Today: The Librarian of Basra

By written by Perry G.    July 27, 2015    3

The Free Library offers a plentiful amount of resources that are easily accessible for citizens of Philadelphia. As a result, the Library enriches individual’s worldly knowledge, increases… continue reading Some Alternative and Independent Music Selections from Free Library

By written by Brittney M.    July 21, 2015   

This weekend I noticed many of my friends posting photos of their children at the movies (check out this father and son photo ). They seem to have all gone to see the same film – Minions !… continue reading The Minions are Taking Over!

By written by Camille T.    July 14, 2015   

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