Eamon Grennan was born in Dublin in 1941; however, he has lived in the United States for over thirty years and has taught at Vassar College since 1974. Grennan has won numerous awards--among them… continue reading

By Administrator   June 28, 2007   

The National Education Association is holding its 145 th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this year, and thousands of NEA members will be enjoying our city in the coming days. This year marks the 10… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 27, 2007   

Douglas Wolk--author, blogger , and journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times , Publishers Weekly , and Rolling Stone, among many other publications--has a new book coming out next… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 26, 2007   

Libby Rosof of roberta fallon and libby rosof's artblog interviewed Karen Lightner, head of the Print and Pictures Department at the Free Library, for a piece entitled "Treasure trove at the Free… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 25, 2007   

Alison Bechdel is best known for her long-running, syndicated comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For , which she first began working on in the early 1980s. Her bestselling memoir in graphic novel… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 22, 2007    1

Tomaž Šalamun was born in Croatia in 1941 and grew up in Slovenia. He is considered to be one of the great postwar Central European poets, believing poetry to be as important or more… continue reading

By Administrator   June 21, 2007   

Roughly 95% of public libraries in the United States use the Dewey Decimal System to organize their collections, and it remains the gold standard in library classification systems, but some… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 20, 2007    1

If you haven't already heard, Phillies infielder Jimmy Rollins recently volunteered his voice as an official spokesperson for the Campaign for a New Central Library on the Parkway. This past… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 19, 2007   

On the strength of a manuscript of her first novel, The Icarus Girl , author Helen Oyeyemi signed a two-book deal with British publisher Bloomsbury at the age of 19. Having recently graduated from… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 18, 2007   

Robert Hass grew up in San Francisco and was a huge fan of the 1950s Bay Area poets, among them Gary Snyder and Allen Ginsburg. In 1973, Hass' book Field Guide was selected by Stanley Kunitz… continue reading

By Administrator   June 15, 2007   

A panel of judges in the Federal Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit heard arguments last week from the American Civil Liberties Union and the Miami-Dade County school board over a seemingly… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 14, 2007   

The Harry Potter Knight Bus Tour stopped by the Central Library this morning, and it drew quite a crowd. Fans lined up early for the opportunity to climb on board the traveling bus and make a… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 13, 2007   

The Free Library's 2007 mystery-themed Summer Reading season-- Get a Clue @ Your Library --kicked off in Central's Main Lobby this morning. Students from Philadelphia's Bache-Martine and Waring… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 12, 2007   

Author Julia Glass will be appearing at the Central Library’s Skyline Room on Thursday , June 14 at 7:00 p.m. (This event is free ; no tickets required.) Glass won the National Book Award in… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 11, 2007    12

The Free Library added another new Explore topic this week, just in time for Philadelphia's Pride Parade and Festival this Sunday , June 10 . The Library's GLBT Explore pages offer organized… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 8, 2007   

Octavio Paz Lozano was born in Mexico City in 1914. His father was a journalist involved in Emiliano Zapata's uprisings. In 1938, he helped found the magazine Taller ("Workshop"),… continue reading

By Administrator   June 7, 2007   

This post-9/11 era isn't the only time in U.S. history when our nation has been preoccupied with thoughts of potential disasters. Check out the Free Library's new Explore topic on Emergency… continue reading

By Administrator   June 6, 2007   

Been meaning to get around to reading the classics, but never seem to find the time? Problem solved . Now you can read the Aeneid in 152 easy installments through an RSS feed on your aggregator .… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 5, 2007   

OK, maybe not every award ever , but he's won quite a few awards of the literary variety, including the National Book Award (twice), the PEN/Faulkner Award, the Pulitzer Prize, and the National… continue reading

By Communications Office   June 4, 2007   

  Stanley Kunitz was born in Massachusetts in 1905. He attended Harvard University, eventually serving during World War II when his conscientious objector status was denied. After returning… continue reading

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