Castner Scrapbook v.6, Market Street, page 34

Historical Images of Philadelphia Castner Scrapbook Collection
Castner Scrapbook v.6, Market Street, page 34

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Item No: pdcc02208
Title: Castner Scrapbook v.6, Market Street, page 34
Historic Street Address: 1026-1044 Market Street
Historic Street Address: 38th & Market Streets
Historic Street Address: 7th & Market Streets
Media Type: Scrapbooks
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Item pdcc00503, top left [image dimensions 18.0 cm 12.0]:

Advertisement for West Penn Square Academy, a training school for young men. Depicts the Third National Bank Building on the southwest corner of Market Street and West Penn Square, where the school was located. Shows a horse-drawn streetcar and a man on horseback. Well-dressed people stroll in front of the building.


Item pdcc00504, top right [image dimensions 8.7 cm x 12.0 cm]:

The Bingham House Hotel was named after John Bingham, an employee of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Depot on which site the hotel was built, in 1867. People are shown on the steps leading to the entrance of the hotel and on the sidewalk.  Also shows two horse-drawn carriages parked at the curbs. The building was demolished in 1926.


Item pdcc00505, bottom right [image dimensions 9.3 cm x 12.0 cm]:

Photograph shows a streetcar on Market Street approaching the intersection with 38th Street. Advertisement for Snellenburg & Co. clothing store at 5th., South Street and Passyunk Avenue is emblazoned on the end wall of a row of houses. Signboards on adjacent property advertise the Knickerbocker Ice Co. Shows lamppost, utility poles and a partial view of an awning frame on the corner opposite.


Item pdcc00506, middle right [image dimensions 6.5 cm x 9.0 cm]:

Engraving of the covered bridge spanning the Schuylkill River at Market Street. Factory chimneys and industrial buildings are depicted on the left bank, including a partial view of the Gas Works. The tall obelisk on the extreme left is the shot tower built by merchant Paul Beck in 1808. The 166 foot high tower dwarfed the surounding buildings and quickly became a landmark. Vessels both large and small are shown on the river, and people fish from the water's edge.

Completed in 1805 the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge was the first covered bridge in America. Altered in 1850 to accomodate a street railroad, it was destroyed by fire in 1875.

Building demolished: YES


Item pdcc00507, bottom left [image dimensions 8.0 cm x 7.0 cm]:

Depiction of Declaration House, a.k.a. Jacob Graff house, at the southwest corner of 7th and Market Streets. Second floor awning is inscribed with the words Birth Place of Liberty. Signage and shop window displays on the first floor indicate the businesses of W. Brown, men's clothier, and Jordans Shoe Warehouse.

In the summer of 1775, Thomas Jefferson was looking to rent rooms away from the distractions of the city to write the Declaration of Independence. He found the ideal location at Jacob Graff's house at 7th & Market Street which at the time lay on the outskirts of town. Jacob Graff, a bricklayer, built the house for himself and his family the year before. The original structure was demolished in 1883, and reconstructed from old photographs in 1975.


Geocode Latitude: Geocode Longitude:-75.197461
Geocode Latitude:39.956134

Call Number: A917.481 P536 v.6
Creator Name: Castner, Samuel, Jr., 1843-1929 - Compiler
Langton, T. Brantly
Sebald, Hugo, active 1850-1870 - Artist
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826
Graff, Jacob